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Page Tools

Page Tools is a menu accessible through the list icon in the bookmarks drawer.

Page Tools

Below, some of the advanced features in the menu are described.

App theme

Sets the overall theme for the application. The table below shows how the application looks with various themes.

Light themeLight Theme
Dark themeDark Theme
AMOLED themeBlack Theme

Toggle desktop user agent

Selecting this option toggles desktop mode. By turning it on, SmartCookieWeb temporarily switches to the user agent of a desktop browser and tricks websites into thinking the device is larger than it is.

Inject JavaScript

The Inject Javascript feature lets you enter a line of JavaScript code to execute on the website you're currently on.

Edit site cookies

Using "Edit site cookies" you can view and modify any cookies the current site has stored on your device.

View page source

"View page source" opens a dialog showing the source code of the current page. Please note the code is editable, and changes will be reflected on the page, but elastic scrolling is not supported in the dialog, so the recommended way to scroll is to click and grab the eyedrop icon at the bottom of the cursor downwards.

Disable ad block for site

Permanently disables ad block for the site you're currently on until you press "Enable ad block for site" in the same menu while on the site you disabled ad block for.

Block JavaScript for site

Carries out the same function as above, but for JavaScript.