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General Settings

A breakdown of the settings available in the "General Settings" section.

Block images

Blocks the loading of images on every site you visit.

Request 'Save-Data'

Let websites know that your device is subject to data caps / low internet speed.

Load all tabs when browser is started

Whether to load every tab when the browser has started, or only the tab that was open when the browser was closed (all other tabs will start loading when you open them).

Enable color mode


Sets the background color of the navbar to a colour picked from the web page's icon.

Override website zoom block

Allows you to zoom in on sites such as Amazon that block zooming.

Close the browser with the last tab

Whether to close the browser after all the tabs have closed, or instead automatically open a new homepage tab.

Enable JavaScript

Turning this option off disables JavaScript. Most websites will no longer function without it.