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Why aren't webpages loading correctly?

First, make sure that the website you're visiting isn't an ad host. If it is, open the bookmark drawer, go to the list icon (Page Tools) and choose "Disable Ad Block For This Site".

If that doesn't work, make sure both Google Chrome and Android System WebView are up-to-date on your device.

Isn't adblocking unethical?

Despite the fact that ads can be an important part of website monetization, they're becoming more and more annoying even as better monetization options are available. This is especially true on mobile devices where every pixel of screen space counts. SmartCookieWeb still doesn't block other monetization methods such as search result ads (though these can be blocked by a script from the UserScript store), non-obtrusive surveys and donation options. During normal browsing, SmartCookieWeb doesn't send any data at all to CookieJarApps. SmartCookieWeb also never stores any personally identifiable information. When you use SmartCookieWeb online features such as Translation, Search Suggestions and News, your IP address may be used to determine the country you are in to localise content, but it is never stored. When using Translation, your queries are stored for 14 days. More detail is available here.

Does SmartCookieWeb collect any data?

What search engine should I use?

Google is the default search engine in SmartCookieWeb, as it's what most people use, but there are 10 other built-in search engines. Here's a guide:

Privacy-FriendlyEnvironmentally Friendly